WHMCS SMarters reseller advantage

Tired of manually creating accounts and lines?  What about creating Free Trials?  Want to grow your business instead of constantly updating your panel and emailing clients passwords?  The Crafty Catz has solved your problems with our WHMCS Reseller Automation Service.  FULLY INSTALLED AND FULLY INTEGRATED WHMCS and WHMCSSmarters reseller addon on blazing fast VPS Servers with SSD Drives, Unlimited Bandwidth, Unlimited Space…and, you get the picture… all for an UNBELIEVABLY LOW COST!  Resellers, break free from your chains and SIGN UP TODAY!  

Why purchase the WHMCS Smarters Reseller Advantage with The Crafty Catz?  We offer FREE SSL ($100 value), we offer a  FREE Domain with the purchase of an annual subscription ($14.95 Value), UNLIMITED SPACE, UNLIMITED BANDWIDTH, Professional Email, and what’s more – because you have the unlimited resources, you can now host all of your APK’s too!  Get rid of your high-cost, low value providers…. you have your new host!

You need a domain unless you purchase our annual plan, a WHMCS License, and a WHMCS Smarters Reseller License.  Please click on the links to purchase separately or go to our FAQ page here.

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WHMCS & Smarters addon hosting solution

$38.99 Per Month!

*You must have already purchased WHMCS and WHMCSSmarters.  

They are separate services, and not included in the pricing for our services.

You want the fastest, flexible, most reliable hosting for your business.  The Catz Deliver!

  • Blazing Fast VPS Servers
  • Unlimited Space
  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • Free SSL
  • Free Domain Name (*with annual purchase)
  • Free ProfessionalEmail Account
  • Free FTP Account
  • You want more?  Then The Crafty Catz will give you  discounted montly rates on our world class websites, which we will link into your WHMCS Reseller Panel!

WHMCS & Smarters Installation

$50 One Time

You just bought this incredible tool that makes your life easier, now let us install it for you!  

Why have some company who doesn’t care about you install your business back-end?  

Let us install and integrate these tools for you!