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Reseller Advantage FAQ

Our motto is your growth is our growth.  The Crafty Catz wants you to be successful, because your sustained success is our sustained success.  We will be here for you, and we will support you.  Please read our FAQ about our Reseller Advantage and Automation Service.

What is The Crafty Catz Reseller Advantage

Simply put, The Crafty Catz Reseller Advantage is a hosting solution which integrates your WHMCS panel with the WHMCSSmarters reseller panel, and it completely automates your reseller panel.

What Do I Need

The only things necessary to take advantage of this fantastic service is a domain, a WHMCS license and a WHMCSSmarters License.  We handle everything else.

Find WHMCS License Here

Find WHMCSSmarters License Here

For WHMCS, the lowest bundle price of $18.95 is sufficient to get you started.

For the domain – do not choose a domain with anything to do with IPTV, Streaming, Reselling, etc.  This is intended to protect you and your clients.  Ultimately, your domain is your choice, but we strongly recommend something like xyzbilling or abcventures, etc.

How Does It Work

The Crafty Catz have put together an incredible service.  You utilize our ultra-fast servers, have the applications installed and integrated, and start selling.  It’s really simple.  We have a knowledge base with complete instructions on how to create products and get your business going.

Honestly – it’s that simple.

How Do I Get Started

There are two choices for you.  First purchase our ultra-fast VPS hosting at our incredible price.  You can then install and integrate the products yourself and being selling, or you can purchase our installation and integration plan for a nominal, one-time fee.

If you decide to choose the installation and integration service, there are data fields you must fill out for us to connect your service.  We need the licenses for both WHMCS and WHMCSSmarters, your Panel URL, Login, PWD, and (optional) your MAG URL.

Get WHMCS Here

Get WHMCSSmarters Here

Then submit, pay, and we’ll install and integrated for you.

What This Service IS NOT

This is not a turn-key solution.  This is an integrated hosting solution which requires licensing and integration.  You will not be purchasing a pre-built, pre-made template or service.

This is not a service in which The Crafty Catz manages for you.  This is your business.  We will always support our clients to our best abilities, but we will not spend hours upon hours, walking you through how to use the basic features of WHMCS.  We will support you, help you, guide you, offer advice, but we cannot spend time and resources teaching you how to use the base tools.

We will not support WHMCS or WHMCSSmarters issues.  They are independent, 3rd party applications from independent companies.  We will support you and trying to resolve issues, but understand that if it is specifically a WHMCS or WHMCSSmarters issue, you will have to ultimately resolve it through them.

This service is unlimited for bandwidth and space.  However, abuse of The Crafty Catz System will not be tolerated.  This includes spam.

This service is not an IPTV or Streaming Service.  The Crafty Catz does not provide streams, channels, lines, or credits of any sort.

The Crafty Catz Logo with a Dark Blue Cat and Light Green Text